Crypthead is a 2-D online survival horror game, where players take on the role of counselor's of a new camp being opened after several years of closure. Soon our counselors will learn why the camp was shut down in the first place.

You and seven other players will be tasked with using the environment and resources in order to escape and evade while a slick and brutal monster hunts and slaughters everyone in sight. Each round is set in a new map and players will have an entirely new chance to live to tell the tale of Crypthead! Likewise, take control of this killer only spoken in rumors and legends. You may even be able to discover the lore behind the creature itself.


As a light fog settles over the campground, drunken teenagers rage into the night,
Yet something is askew just beneath the surface.


Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

I've uploaded a small update, while also updating the hosting files for others to download.  There is also a dedicated live server which can be found here. This is just a smaller update where I focused on some small bug fixes, while adding a couple more characters. I've also added a couple more medals which can be achieved in-game.


I've also created an upgraded version of Female Counselor 1, but I haven't added it in yet. I was thinking this may be a premium feature. Female characters now have their own audio files, doors and windows now have breaking audio files, and I've added some game music themes.

Now, if players have enable help turned on they should receive display messages offering helpful information. Players also now have the ability to vote on a new map!

Here's a full list of all the changes in the new version:

+ ADDED Audio cues
+ ADDED New Medals
+ ADDED Death animation for Male Counselor 2
+ ADDED Female Counselor 2(w/ death animation)
+ ADDED Male Counselor 3(w/ death animation)
+ ADDED Female voice audio
+ CHANGED Lobby menu updated
+ FIXED Propeller icon

+ CHANGED Increased timer for AI monster to spawn
+ ADDED Interactive help
- Toggle enable help in lobby option settings
+ ADDED Players can now vote to change the map
+ ADDED Monster_2 special attack is now an axe
+ ADDED Various background objects
+ ADDED New Monsters *Subscribers only
+ ADDED Nightvision Goggles *Subscribers only
+ ADDED Female Counselor 3


- Posted by Nicholas R on May 10, 2021.