At the start of each round; one player is randomly chosen to be the monster. The monster must hunt and kill the other players before they escape.

The monster has a compass that he can use to track the players. However, players hiding in sleeping bags and closets cannot be detected by the monster.
If you are playing singleplayer; a basic monster AI will spawn.

The monster cannot be killed. Only stunned. The monster can limit the players vision by destroying the power station located on the map. The monster can also destroy world communication between players by destroying the radio tower.

Players can jump through windows by using the same key they assign for opening doors. Jumping through an unbroken window will cause player damage. After you've taken 1/6th of your total health you will have a chance to begin bleeding out. The monster can follow a blood trail to a player, and a player will eventually lose health from bleeding out.
- Jumping through a window will cause the player to drop items such as gasoline and car batteries.
- Monster can smash windows, damaging any nearby players. Likewise, monster can break down doors by pressing the attack key.

Players can hold the run key to begin running, or if they're hiding this will hold your breath and mute the breathing audio. If your stamina falls below 20% you will run out of breath and movement will be slowed for several seconds.

Knives can be found by searching desks and cabinets. If a player has a knife in their inventory; they will evade the monsters grasp. The knife will then disappear. Likewise, another player can hit the monster from behind to release the player that is being grabbed by the monster.

4 players total can enter a car. The driver is the only one with the option to start the car and escape. The driver can leave even if the car is not full. The monster can still kill players if they're inside the car.