Crypthead was developed using the BYOND game creation tools, which is why BYOND hosts and manages our user account database.

To download and run Crypthead you must first create a free BYOND account. This can be done on the BYOND website and only takes a couple minutes!

A Beta version of our EXE installer is available here(~8.29MB).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Crypthead is completely free-to-play and is constantly updated and evolving.

Coming soon are premium features such as; new counselor skins, new monster skins and special attacks.


Purchases are processed through Paypal. Once purchased your subscription should activate within 1-24 hours but usually they are processed immediately(subscribing while being logged in will require you to simply relog back in).


Should any issues arise please don't hesitate to contact our support email.

Download Crypthead

Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. DirectX 9 or higher, Internet Connection(for online)